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By Laws

The Logan County Soccer Club - Constitution and Bylaws

Article I:

Name: The name of this corporation shall be The Logan County Soccer Club, Inc., hereinafter referred to as LCSC.

Article II: 

Section 1: Purpose and Affiliations 

LCSC is formed as a non-profit organization to support and propagate the game of soccer in Logan County. It is associated with the Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA), the United States Soccer Federation, the United States Youth Soccer Federation (USYSA), and the Federation Internationalle de Football Association (FIFA). Through these associations the LCSC is the officially sanctioned youth soccer program for this general area, and it is understood that any youth soccer group that is not a member of the Frontier Country Soccer Association (FCSA) in the Frontier Country area will not be associated with USSF.

Section 2: Boundaries 

The boundaries of LCSC shall include the townships of Antelope, Cedar, Cimarron, Coyle, Guthrie, Iowa, Langston, Lovell, Marshall, Meridian, Mulhall, Navina, Oakview, Orlando, Seward, Spring Creek, Springer, Springvale, Woodland, and residents of Logan County in general.

Section 3: Philosophy 

At the central core of LCSC lies the deep conviction that soccer should be played in a competitive, but friendly, manner. All participating persons are urged to adopt this attitude, for it is the foundation upon which this association is based. It is also the purpose and requirement that all youth participating in the program be allowed to play at least one half of every soccer match involving his/her team.

Section 4: Rules 

LCSC will abide by the rules and regulations of administration and play established by FCSA (and sanctions of violations thereof) unless otherwise stated in the LCSC Bylaws. And will continue to do so and agrees to pay the appropriate fees established by the Board of Directors of FCSA and the Board of Directors of LCSC.


Article III: 

Section 1: Each member paying the fees established by the Board of Directors of LCSC and in agreement with FCSA will be a member in good standing with LCSC. 

Section 2: Each team member is a member of LCSC. 

Section 3: Membership can be terminated by two thirds (2/3) vote of the team representatives present at a meeting called for that purpose. 

Section 4: In order to continue membership in good standing, fees must be paid. 

Section 5: By a two thirds (2/3) vote the Board of Directors may grant membership without fee in case of hardship. 

Article IV: 


Section 1: The Board of Directors of LCSC shall be composed of the following officers, each having one vote: 

a. President (Votes only in a tie-breaker)

b. Vice-President

c. 2nd Vice-President

d. 3rd Vice-President

e. 4th Vice-President

f. Secretary/Treasurer

g. Registrar 

The Board of Directors, as elected officials of LCSC, shall have the responsibility to carry out any obligations or decisions which all committees deem necessary. 

Section 2: The Board of Directors of LCSC shall be nominated the 3rd Monday of April, elected the 3rd Monday of May, and installed by members present at the annual meeting the 3rd Monday of June. 

Section 3: The term of all officers shall run from the third Monday of June for one year, or until new officers are elected.

Section 4: No officer shall own more than one office, nor shall two immediate family members own office during the same elective term. 

Section 5: Duties 

A. President 

1. Shall preside at all meetings

2. Shall be the representative to FCSA

3. Shall execute the decisions of the Directors

4. Shall appoint a parliamentarian

5. Shall not vote except in the case of a tie

6. Shall be in charge of publicity 


B. Vice-President 

1. Shall act as President in the absence of the President with the same power and authority

2. Shall assist in the coordination of all committee functions

3. Shall be in charge of fundraising activities 


C. 2nd Vice-President 

1. Shall formulate and revise, as necessary, the rules of competition; providing the rules shall be consistent with the rules and bylaws of FCSA, OSA, USSF, and USYSA.

2. Shall appoint league commissioner to work with them in scheduling team competition, keeping team records, and standings

3. Shall schedule all team competition, including playoffs

4. Shall work with the referees to schedule referees for team competition

5. Shall schedule referee and coaches clinics 


D. 3rd Vice-President 

1. Shall maintain fields and equipment

2. Shall make necessary purchases as applicable to club needs

3. Shall coordinate all field scheduling for practices 


E. 4th Vice-President 

1. Shall be responsible for TOP Soccer program

2. Shall be contact for all TOP Soccer business 


F. Secretary/Treasurer 

1. Shall keep records and minutes of meetings

2. Shall give reports of the meetings

3. Shall take care of inter and intra club correspondence

4. Shall receive, disburse, and account for all funds

5. Shall be responsible for the generation of all financial reports

6. Shall be present at all registration meetings 


G. Registrar, Planning and Registration Committee 

1. Shall plan and carry out registration

2. Shall be in charge of formation of teams 

Section 6: Vacancy 

In the event of a vacancy in any office, the Board of Directors shall elect a successor by a majority vote at a special Board meeting call for that purpose 

Section 7: Removal from office 

Officers may be removed by a two thirds (2/3) vote of all Board of Directors and team representatives present. 

Section 8: Area Coordinator 

The Board of Directors shall reserve the right to appoint an area coordinator(s) in the event they feel the size of the club warrants the need of such a position, subject to the approval of FCSA. 


Article V: 

Team Representatives 

Section 1: Each team will have one (1) Representative which will consist of the coach, assistant coach, or parent of that team to attend LCSC meetings, with such representatives being allowed one (1) vote each at LCSC meetings. 

Article VI: 


Section 1: Board meetings will be held the third Monday of the month (the Monday after the FCSA Board meeting). 

Section 2: LCSC Meetings shall be held the third Monday of each month at a time and location to be specified by the President. 

Section 3: A simple majority of those team representatives and Board of Directors present shall constitute a quorum for regular club business. Policy and Procedure changes require a minimum of six (6) voting members present. 

Section 4: All meetings shall be open to the public. They may speak their minds but will have no vote. 

Section 5: All motions must be submitted in writing to one of the Board of Directors no later than the first Tuesday of each month to be listed on the agenda for the LCSC meeting that month. 

Article VII:


Section 1: The Chairman of each committee shall be responsible for the recruitment, coordination, and supervision of his/her committee members. 

Section 2: The Planning Committee shall be chaired by the Registrar. 

For purpose of registration, a youth must be at least three (3) years old on August 1 prior to fall season.

Any youth that is three (3) on August 1 prior to fall season may only play in the under 4 age division. 

All age brackets will move up according to the LCSC fiscal year. The age divisions will be under 4, under 5, under 6, under 7, under 8, under 9, under 10, under 11, under 12, under 13, under 14, under 15, under 16, under 17, under 18, and under 19. 

Guaranteed members of each team shall only be the children of the head coach and one (1) assistant coach. 

The under 4, under 5, and under 6 leagues will be for instructional play only. 

All players will be placed according to team formation guidelines set by the Board of Directors. 

There will be three (3) dates set for registration for fall and spring season by the Board of Directors. The registration will end when the Registrar ceases to accept registrations. 

A player will be registered after registrar receives registration and fees for season. There will be no team placement until all requirements are met. 

No refunds on fees will be made after the first game of the LCSC playing season. 

Section 3: The Playing Committee

The Playing Committee shall be chaired by the 2nd Vice-President and shall consist of three (3) subcommittees: 

- Rules Subcommittee

- Games Subcommittee

- Appeals Subcommittee 

Appeals Subcommittee: The Appeals Subcommittee of LCSC will be formed prior to any hearing by the 2nd Vice President. The Appeals Subcommittee shall consist of: 

- Chairman (2nd Vice President)

- Two (2) Coaches

- Two (2) juvenile players who are not members of the same team or of the same family and who are not involved with the age division protesting.

- Two (2) referees competent and qualified to referee juvenile games appointed by the Chairman of the Playing Committee. 

This committee shall hear protests of all LCSC governed games and decide upon the penalty, if any, applied to any and all player or coach ejection’s from games during any LCSC governed competition. 

A protest must be acknowledged on the game form at the time of the game. A non-refundable fee of $50 must be given to the 2nd Vice President within 48 hours of the time of the game. The 2nd Vice President shall take all necessary action to assure the proper protest procedure is followed. 

A decision will be rendered by the Playing Committee verbally within 24 hours and written within 48 hours to those individuals involved prior to the next regular scheduled game. 

Appeals of decisions rendered by the Playing Committee must be done in writing to the Board of Directors and be heard by the Board of Directors and accompanied with a $50 non-refundable fee. The appeal must be filed within 48 hours of the written decision of the Playing Committee. A decision by the Board of Directors will be rendered in writing to those individuals involved within four (4) days of receipt of said appeal (excluding Sundays and holidays). 

Any further appeals must be directed to FCSA. 

Section 4: Fields, Equipment, and Purchasing Committee 

The Fields, Equipment, and Purchasing Committees shall be chaired by the 3rd Vice President. 

Article VIII: 

Rules of Order: 

Section 1: Meetings shall be conducted under the parliamentary procedure as outlined by Roberts Rules of Order. 

Article IX: 


Section 1: Bylaws may only be amended when there are at least six (6) voting members present. Changes must be submitted in writing to the President or to a presiding Board of Director Member at least two weeks prior to the next regular board meeting. Changes will be read at two (2) consecutive monthly board meetings. The changes may be removed by a majority of those voters present at the board meeting. If any alterations are made to the changes, the process must be restarted. Those amended Bylaws shall be adopted by a two- thirds (2/3) vote of the six (6) voting members present. Voting members are defined by Article IV: Section 1 & Article V: Section 1.

Article X: 

Fiscal Year: 

Section 1: The fiscal year of LCSC shall be from August 1 of any year to July 31 of the succeeding year.

Article XI: 

Dissolution Statement: 

Section 1: This Corporation is not organized for pecuniary profit, nor shall it have any power to issue certificates of stock or declare dividends, and no part if it’s net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any member, director, trustee, or individual. The balance, if any, of all money received by the corporation from its operation, after payment in full of all debts and obligations of the corporation of whatsoever kind and nature shall be used and distributed exclusively for carrying out only the purposes of the corporation, as more particularly set forth herein above. Upon the dissolution of the corporation, the Board of Trustees shall, after paying or making provisions for the payment of all of the liabilities of the corporation, dispose of all of the assets of the corporation in such a manner, or to such organization or organizations organized and operated exclusively for charitable or educational purposes as shall at the time qualify as an exempt organization(s) under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Law, as the Board of Trustees shall determine. Any of such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the District Court of the county in which the principle office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purposes, provided further that in no event shall any of the corporation’s assets or property, in the event of its dissolution, go or be distributed to any trustee, member or individual, for any other purpose.


APPROVED AND ADOPTED this 21st day of October, 2013


Nicki Collins 




Jada Young