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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our coach? What team is my child on?

· The teams are not set until team formation night after the last sign up.

· Coaches will not get their roster until the coach’s meeting after team formation.

· The coaches then have 2 days to contact you per policy

When do we practice? When do we start practices?

· Not all teams practice at the same time/place

· One team may start practices several weeks before another

· The coach sets practice time and place and when practices begin

Where do we practice?

· Any public property

· Any semi-private property with permission on file with LCSC (each season)

· Private property is not allowed, our insurance will not cover injuries

· Only one practice can be on the playing field, each practice after is subject to a usage fee 

Where does the money go?

· Insurance for all of the players and coaches

· Operation of the club, maintenance of the complex

· End of the spring season awards (trophies and prizes) and fall season awards (medals)

· Referees

· LCSC is a "not for profit" organization, we charge only what we need to operate

· No one gets paid for his or her work within the club, we are all volunteers

It’s cold, why are we playing?

· LCSC only cancels games based on the immediate safety of the children (e.g. lightning)

· If the weather forecast looks bleak, ask the coach if the game will be rescheduled  

· As long as the child’s jersey (shirt) is on the outside, they can wear whatever clothes you deem necessary

· Traveling teams are more restrictive, see your coach

What are the rules? Where can I get answers?

· All rules, policies, and by-laws are on the web site, www.locosoccer.org

· There are e-mails listed for the board members, if you need to ask one a question

Who is on the board and what do they do?

· President attends FCSA meetings and presides over LCSC meetings

· 1st VP is the spear head of fundraising efforts

· 2nd VP makes schedules, adopts rule changes, disciplinary actions and is also the Referee Assignor, schedules referees for the games

· 3rd VP oversees maintenance and improvements of the complex

· 4th VP Top Soccer (Soccer for kids with special needs)

· Treasurer keeps records, pays bills, etc.

· Registrar oversees sign-ups, team formation, and gets paperwork to/from the coaches

· Director of Coaching and Player Development, trains coaches and players (non-voting)

· Tournament Director sets up local tournaments and disseminates information on other tournaments

When and where are the board meetings?

· The third Monday of the month, 7:00 p.m., at the Guthrie Hospital Cafeteria

Why did the rules change?

· LCSC is a member of the Oklahoma Soccer Association (OSA)

· OSA is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF)

· USSF is a member of FIFA (the governing body of soccer for the world)

· Rule changes start at the international level and work their way down

When is Scrimmage Saturday?

· Usually it is the weekend prior to the season starting. ALL teams may attend, encourage your team’s participation

· The scrimmages are 15 minute mini-games

· The coach is allowed on the field with the players

· This gives the players some game experience before the games actually begin

· Each team will play a minimum of 2 scrimmages (assuming all teams attend)

Why do the players have to wear shin guards with socks covering the shin guards at practice?

· According to our insurance, any player without protective equipment voids the coverage for ALL players attending that practice

- Socks must be worn over the shin guards

· Should a player get hurt, the coach would assume the liability for allowing a player without the proper equipment

Can I bring the player’s friends to practice?

· Only individuals with a current registration (covered by OSA insurance) from any soccer club are allowed to participate

· One person without the paper work on file will void the insurance for ALL attending that practice

I’ve got a problem, concern, or am just mad about something. To whom do I address?

· Please remember that our board members are volunteers and are more than happy to help with any issues.

· Go to the web site www.locosoccer.org and check if the situation has a remedy

· If the web site does not answer your question, ask your coach to contact a board member to discuss the situation

· Almost every decision made can be appealed through the player committee, see the Policies and Procedures for information

· If the problem is severe enough, please attend a LCSC board meeting

Why are there so many rules at the soccer complex?

· Sometimes we need to be reminded that LCSC and the complex exist for the kids

· No pets. If you bring your cute little puppy, the guy with the cute little Pit Bull gets to bring his

· No parking on the opposite side of Academy across from the complex. Safety, this way there is no reason for kids to be on the road. Not to mention, it is posted and as such is illegal. 

· No tobacco. Teach our kids good health habits

· No alcohol. Obvious

- Under NO circumstances will any person other than a law enforcement officer carry a firearm or weapon at any LCSC governed event.  That includes games, practices, scrimmages, fundraising events, signups, governing board/coaches meetings or any even sponsored by, or governed by, LCSC

Where can we get more information on soccer?

· Visit our web site www.locosoccer.org , there are links to several soccer resources

· Visit the Guthrie Public Library, they have books and videos available for check out

· If you find something that needs to be added to the library or the web site, please let us know

How does LCSC form the teams?

· We have a specific set of rules for team formation, they are available in the Policies and Procedures.  Please see policy LCSC0030

- LCSC only accepts copies of birth certificates as proof of age. 

What if there is a schedule conflict?

· Games can be rescheduled for many reasons as long as both coaches agree to the reschedule

· If the conflict is between the paper schedule and the web site, do not assume that one is right, ask the 2nd Vice President of the board so all can be informed of the situation  

· Remember, you made a commitment to the team when you signed, try to make your children available for all scheduled games